How to Quiet a Sump Pump (In Few Easy Steps)

If anybody in your house is a hoarder then you know how handy a basement can be! It is that place in the house where you can store all your junk, the junk that you would probably never use in your life, but still store it for as long as you want.

However, it’s not all junk that the basement stores, sometimes, it has some memorable items too. Sometimes due to storage problem too, you have to store some of the important things in the basement, so it’s not always junk.

You can dump everything in the basement, but the real problem comes when there is flooding and the water ends up getting into the basement, slowly ruining all the material there.

And if your house happens to be at the low lying areas, then you have experienced this problem more often that it has become a habit to be defensive whenever it rains.

But wouldn’t you like a solution that can solve your problem completely and lets you enjoy the rain instead of complaining about it. Well, there is a solution, a solution that you are very familiar with rather.

A sump basin and a sump pump is the solution you need for this problem, I told you, you are very familiar with this. This pump-basin pair carries away all the water, out of your basement, keeping all your junk and non-junk material safe.

However, there are some problems that develop while using a sump pump; they can get loud, uncomfortably loud. So let’s discuss the possible reasons for this sound generation and how to deal with them.

So, here are the possible reasons why your sump pump is making the noise that it is—

  • The pump needs to be replaced because of the continuous wear and tear.
  • Some installation problems.
  • It’s just too old to function without making any noise.

There can be, of course, many other reasons for the pump malfunctioning, but these are the most prominent ones.

If your sump pump needs to be replaced and you decide to get a new one the before getting a new sump pump, there are few things to keep in mind which I have mentioned in this article of quietest sump pumps according to your need & budget.

We have listed the problems; now let’s try to find out the possible solutions to these problems.

How to Quiet a Sump Pump

General Tips

First things first, call the place where you bought the pump from, if it is still under the warranty, then you can get it upgraded or replaced at a lower cost.

But what if the warranty period is over?

Then there is another solution to it, try to locate the manufacturer of the pump. They are the best people to solve your problem since they have the best solution to the problem. Asking them wouldn’t hurt, plus, the company people love to interact with their customers too.

Another way to solve the problem can be by trying to get to understand what the problem is all about. Try to read about the topic as much as you can, surf the internet and talk to people who are going through the same problem.

You might think that you wouldn’t find any kind of information about the topic, but you would be surprised at what you end up finding.

However, tread very, very carefully, there are some parts that might become an obstacle in moving forward, handle them with care.

Things to be careful of

So while doing your examination on the machine, if you think that something requires more exhaustive undertaking then what is possible for you, then you better give it up.

It’s better than causing some serious damages to the machine. If you are planning to give an exhaustive makeover to the machine, then it is better that you seek some professional help.

Another problem that would indicate professional help is the fact that the noises that the machine is making are too loud to be some little technical error.

The clanging, gurgling noise might be getting too much to bear and that right there is your machine giving you an indication to seek some professional help.

Because that machine is very vital and very delicate, taking any risks with it is something that is not advised at all.

And there are some pre-investigation measures that you should take up to minimize any damage that your machine might undergo, after all, prevention is always better than cure.

So, make sure that you have turned off the water supply and the electricity supply before taking up that investigation.

How to deal with the Sump Pump noises?

There are usually three types of noises that the sump pump makes, let us advise you how you can deal with all those types of noise on your level, before seeking any professional help.

But before we start getting to know more about the kinds of noises your sump pump is producing, I suggest you prepare yourself with these instruments, they might come in handy.

I am not saying that you will need these instruments, but it’s better safe now than being sorry later.

The best course of action, when you are dealing with a problem like this on your own is thoroughly assessing the problem and then moving on to the solutions and all the side accessories that will make solving that problem easier.

Now let’s move on to what’s causing you trouble at the moment, and while I have mentioned only three, please take a note that something else might be the trouble with your machine, however, these three are the most common ones.

1. Motor Noise

So, if the motor of the machine is making noise then you will have to cover the pump basin using a lid. You can also use foam fitted insulation for the same.

Whatever is the problem with your pump sump, this should be the first step of your solution and it is easy to implement too.

If your pump sump is modern and has advanced technology then it must have been completely enclosed in some kind of lid. Although as a precaution, you can cover it again to keep the noise pollution at the bare minimum level. If you have an older model then your machine might not have come with a covering so you need to cover it up as best as you can.

You can use a rubber gasket to seal the noise completely because the rubber gasket will soak all the vibrations.

The older pump sump were usually made up of plastic material, then you should think about upgrading them to the cast iron model and seek professional help to do this.

2. Loud Vibrations or Clanging Noises

If your pump sump is making loud clanging noises or vibrations, then the first step towards solving this problem is that you identify the discharge pipe of your machine.

The water flowing through this pipe might be the reason loud vibrations because it is vibrating against the walls of the pipe or pipe is hitting the flooring.

Now as for the solution part, coat this pipe using foam insulation, this will reduce the possibility of pipe hitting the wall when water flows through it.

Make sure to insulate pipe and flooring for maximum effect. Also, insulating the area where the pipe meets the flooring is important too.

Now, if the pipe was hitting the inside of the pump, then cover the pump lid with the rubber grommets, this would reduce the vibration sound.

Also, if your pipe has lots of angles and turns, then consider replacing the pipe, probably the water is hitting those turns and making noises.

Now again, a professional plumber would be able to tell you the best way to reroute the pipe of the pump.

3. Slurping or Grumbling noises

If your machine is making disturbing slurping sounds then check the valve of your discharge line. Those gurgling noises can be produced by Standard Swing Valves.

This might happen during the process of discharge when the water flows down the pipe when the pump cycle is complete.

You can try to replace your current valve with the valve that comes with spring, they are the steadiest valves and the flow of water is more controlled.

And if your model already comes with a spring valve, then you should upgrade it with the latest version that might surely reduce the noises.


With this, I would conclude this article on how to effectively deal with the sounds that your sump-pump produces, importantly, how to get rid of it. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

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