How to Soundproof A Car & Reduce Road Noise in Car?

If you have an old car, it may be hard to have a conversation at normal volume when driving on a rough road.

Driving causes a lot of vibrations, which can find a way into the car if it is not well oiled, cushioned, and insulated.

You may want to listen to music, radio, or have a conversation in the car without shouting.

The following are some of the steps that can help you on how to soundproof your car. Soundproofing helps to deaden the vibrations which can reduce the volume of noise in the car.

What you can do to soundproof the car:

  • Put sound deadening foam mats under the floor mats
  • Insulate the car doors and the boot
  • Put tires that have a smaller surface area
  • Soundproof the exhaust.
  • Sound deadening foam mats on the car floor

Soundproofing a car: Floor

The floor of the car has a large surface area and is closer to the wheels and the axle. Therefore, the vibrations will travel straight into the car floor and can be amplified by the floor to create more noise inside the car.

Laying down the sound deadening foam mats on the car floor is the best way to reduce the vibrations traveling into the car. The mats are also known as foam shield. The mats will absorb the vibrations and reduce the road noise significantly.

Dynamat is one of the best sound deadening mats on the market.

Dynamat 100455 18’ by 32’ by0.067’ thick self-adhesive sound deadener

The mat has an extreme bulk pack. You can apply it on the vehicle resonant surfaces to help improve clarity, bass, and loudness from the stereo.

  • It is lighter
  • More effective
  • Requires no heat to apply
  • It is coated with aluminum.
  • Easy to install

To install the mat; remove the doormats, cut the dynamat to fit your car, peel off the backing, stick and press the mat into the car floor, and place the original floor mats on top.

Ensure that the dynamat does not stick on your skin. It is very sticky and may be painful when removing it.

Noico 80 mil 18’sq car sound deadening foam

This is another sound deadening foam. It is relatively cheaper than the Dynamat foam.

  • It has a special indicator to show you if it has been installed well.
  • The insulation contains butyl.
  • Its weight ensures efficiency and maximum sound insulation.
  • Easy to install and works great.
  • Reduces vibrations, rattles, and low frequency from the engine, suspension, road, and the interior

Before you install the Noico, ensure that you read the instructions carefully. Poor installation can give you undesired results. Use gloves when installing the mat in your car.

The effectiveness of the sound deadening foam you use depends on how the floor of the car is covered. Most people cover the driver and passenger footwells, to get the most out of the mats cover the boot and rear footwells of the car.

If you have a van, you can also cover the cargo space, if it is an open cargo space rather than the cargo space that is separate from your cabin.

In most vans, the flat cargo area acts as a drum where the vibrations are amplified. If the cabin and cargo are separate, the sound deadening will be less significant, but it will help to prevent vibrations from the cargo area into the cabin.

Insulating car doors

Most cars have thin doors with minimum insulation, so insulating your car doors can have a significant impact on the noise from the road inside the car. Remove the inner panels before you insulate the doors.

Locate the screws and unscrew them on the interior of the car doors. This will help to expose the inside of the door and help you to measure how much insulation you will need.

Insulation that has a sticky back and can be peeled is ideal. You only need to peel and stick to the car door. This makes your work easier than sticking the insulation manually as it requires removing the entire doors.

Noico 80 mil 36sqft sound deadening mat

The adhesive insulation contains butyl. It is an excellent quality sound deadening mat and cheap.

It has an indicator that will let you know if it is well installed.

Helps to reduce road noise and noise from the passing cars

Cover the doors as much as possible with the mat. Ensure that you don’t obstruct any moving part of the door. Clean the surfaces well before installation.

Screw the door panels back on after installing the sound deadener.

Use quieter tires to reduce noise from car

The car tires have a great impact on the noise in the car. The wheels are the only part of the car that contacts the road surface.

The vibrations that enter the car as you drive come from the wheels. Changing the tires can have a great impact on the noise in the car.

There are few things to look at when looking for tires that can help to soundproof the car and reduce the road noise and vibrations. The following are some of the things that you should consider:

The size of tires

Tires of the low profile are not ideal for road noise. Ideal tires should maximize the rubber between the metal wheel and the car.
Most people think that large tires with a slim profile are attractive. This means that the newer cars have minimal rubber on the wheels to protect and cushion the car against the vibrations.

Review your car manual to understand what maximum tire size can fit the car and pick that size option.

Tire width

The width of the tires is another factor that should be considered in reducing the noise in your car. If the tire is broad, it has a more surface area that is in contact with the road surface.

This means that more of the wheel will be in contact with the road allowing more vibrations to enter through the wheels.

Narrow wheels on your car will reduce the surface of contact that your car has with the road and therefore reduce the noise and vibrations in your car. Check the manual to understand the thinness of the tire and wheel you can fix on the car.

The right tire

Tires are made differently depending on their intended use. The tires that are designed to be driven on high speeds are more solid than the lower speeds tires.

Tires for heavy loads are harder and can transfer more vibrations and road noise. Most car owners use tires that are designed for heavier vehicles which cause undesired road noise in the cars.

Where to use the sound deadening materials in your car

As I mentioned earlier, the best area to place the sound deadening materials is under the passenger and driver floor mats. This is where you will be in the car and will block the noise coming from the tires.

The area is important because the floor of the car acts like a sound diaphragm which makes the road and tire noise to resonate through the car cabin.

Another important place to cover is under the back tires. If you have a vehicle with a large flat trunk and two rows of seats, then this is the spot to concentrate on.

The area acts like a sound diaphragm where the noise is amplified; you need to insulate the area under the trunk.

Under the floor mats in the rear row is the third area to focus on. There is no axle or wheels in this area, but there is a diaphragm.
The last area to focus on is the doors. So car doors are thin, so insulating them with sound deadening materials will help to reduce road noise.

Soundproofing the engine

Car noise can be from various places; one of the obvious places is the engine area. The engine is the place you should start with if you want to soundproof your car. Soundproofing the engine is a very simple task, you can follow the following steps.

It is important to know the sound deadening material you need for your car. Insulating your engine to prevent noise is different from soundproofing the car floor or the car doors.

The soundproofing material should be:

  • Able to stick
  • Resilient to heat
  • Able to protect the engine against grease, oil, or any other fuel

I recommend the Noico sound deadener. The reason why I believe this is what you need is that; it is large to ensure that the whole engine is covered, it meets all the buying guide requirements, and it is cheap. You can get maximum results out of the Noico sound deadener as you save.

The process of soundproofing the engine does not require any skills; it will only take about 30 minutes.

The concept of car soundproofing is wide; it is straightforward and convenient in reducing the road noise in your car.

I believe this article will help you on how to soundproof a car and reduce road noise.

Be careful about how you choose the sound deadening materials for your car. You can use the mentioned ways to reduce the unnecessary noise in the car, without any issue.

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