How to Soundproof Dog Crates and Kennels (Stop Anxiety, Barking)

Dogs are very adorable creatures and can play quite a number of roles in our lives. They can keep us company and can also offer some form of security.

Dogs are very loyal creatures and will do everything in their power to please their master. However, on the other hand, they can be very territorial and might not be so friendly if they are not familiar with a face. This is one reason a lot of people prefer buying a dog when it is still a puppy.

Puppies are indeed cute. They are, however, associated with some challenges. Some of these challenges are they have to be cleaned up occasionally and also the noise they make.

While you cannot stop puppies from barking, you can ensure the noise they make does not cause a nuisance. One way to do this is by owning a dog crate and soundproofing it.

While you can just go to the market and purchase a dog crate, you have to learn how to make it soundproof.

Well, the fact that you are on this page means you are interested in making your dog crate soundproof. Read on to discover how to get this done.

Easy Ways to Soundproof Dog Crates

Unlike soundproofing a floor or a wall, you cannot totally seal a dog crate because you have to leave some space for the dog to breathe.

This implies that it will be impossible to absolutely soundproof a dog crate. Nevertheless, you can get very good results from whatever dog crate you soundproof by making use of ample sound-absorbing materials to soak up whatever sound is produced by your dog.

Below are easy ways to soundproof dog crates :

Purchase absorption sheets

Unlike dog crate covers which are used externally, absorption sheets are used right in the dog crate. Absorption sheets are produced from materials which have the ability to deaden the sound that is being produced by your dog.

They possess grommets which make it possible for them to be hung right in the dog crate. When these absorption sheets are hung in the dig cage, they cover the walls of the dog cage and provide a good level of warmth and comfort for your dog.

Purchase Dog Crate Covers

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Basically, a dog crate cover is a special material that you put over a dog crate. This cover helps in reducing the volume of sound that passes through the dog crate.

In as much as generic dog crate covers can help mask the sound coming out of your dog crate, it is much better to make use of soundproof dog crate covers as they are more effective in getting the job done.

It is not enough to buy a dog crate cover. It is important that you buy a dog crate cover that fits the dog crate perfectly. Dog crate covers are not expensive.

Nevertheless, you might not always be prepared to buy one when you need it very urgently. So, if you are unable to buy a dog crate cover, you can settle for a blanket.

If you have a blanket, all you need to do is carefully place it over the dog crate. It is important that you take your time while doing this as it could make the dog crate too dark or hot when it is not done properly.

Soundproof a Kennel

Instead of soundproofing just a dog crate, you can decide to soundproof an entire kennel. Soundproofing a kennel is a little different from soundproofing a dog crate and will require methods that are quite different.

Usually, kennels are built with hard surfaces and are, therefore, associated with very high noise levels. This is basically because the materials that they are built with cause the sounds made by dogs to echo loudly. With this in mind, being able to greatly reduce the echo in a kennel will go a long way in making it sound proof.

When looking to absorb sound from a dog kennel, it is okay to make use of acoustic tiles on the walls of the kennel. These acoustic tiles are very effective in absorbing sounds because they are made from cotton materials that have been recycled.

In addition to being very effective in absorbing sounds, acoustic tiles come in various colors and designs and can, therefore, help beautify your dog kennel.

If you do not want to make use of acoustic tiles, you can also make use of acoustic panels. It is up to you to make a choice from a number of fabrics which can serve this purpose.

Acoustic tiles and acoustic panels are not all that you can use when soundproofing a kennel. In addition to acoustic tiles and acoustic panels, you can also use sound baffles. Sound baffles are not heavy.

As a result of this, they can be hung from the top of your dog kennel. They are effective in absorbing any sounds produced in the kennel.

Soundproof Your Walls

The sound made by a barking puppy is usually not just heard in your apartment, it is also herd by your neighbors.

Well, unlike your neighbors you have an emotional attachment to your puppy and might not really be disturbed by the sounds that it makes.

If you fall into the category of dog owners that are not disturbed by the sounds made by their puppies, you might not necessarily need to Soundproof Dog Crates. What you actually need to do in this situation is soundproof a room.

Now, soundproofing a room can be considered a high budget move when compared to soundproofing a dog crate.

Nonetheless, it might be the best option for you if you want your dog to move around very freely in your apartment.

If the neighbors that live on the floor above you’re are complaining, you will have to soundproof your ceiling.

However, if the complaints are coming from neighbors on the floor under yours, then, you have to soundproof the floor of an entire room.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Barking Excessively in a Crate

If your dog barks very frequently, soundproofing your dog crate is definitely a step in the right direction.

That, however, will only be very effective if you can find ways to reduce the rate at which your dog barks. Petmd wrote a detailed article on dog anxiety that might come handy to you.

Now that you have discovered ways to soundproof your dog crate, you should get to find out ways to ensure that your dog barks less frequently.

Always Reassure your Dog

It is perfectly normal for dogs to bark when they are scared. This, therefore, makes it important that you make your dog feel perfectly safe in their environment when they are left alone in a crate. To get this done, you can get music that dogs find very suitable.

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Bathroom

There are certain dog owners that keep their dogs in their bathroom whenever they are out for a long while. Doing this might make it appear like your dog is safe.

Nevertheless, it is not a very good idea as the bathroom is not built with materials that can absorb sound.

The implication of this is whatever sound your dog makes will disturb your neighbors throughout the day until you return.

Don’t always hug your Dog before Setting out

Getting by our dog emotional just before you go out can make it spend the entire day barking and disturbing neighbors.

Whenever you have to go out, make it a duty to leave rapidly. When done over time, your dog will get used to you leaving abruptly and will not have to spend the entire day barking.

Discipline your dog

Disciplining your dog might not be the easiest of tasks. It, however, is a very important task as it has a major role to play in ensuring that your efforts to soundproof your crate pay off.

You see, you cannot make your dog crate airtight as doing this will leave your dog with no form of ventilation. You will, therefore, have to teach your dog to bark less often.

If you have a well-disciplined dog, you won’t need to Soundproof Dog Crates.

As a dog owner, you have to teach your dog to be comfortable in a dog crate. Now, it is important that you prepare for some level of resistance from your dog as this will not come easy.

When you first get started, your dog will back for hours. However, with time, it will get used to staying in a crate.

Get a dog Sitter

If you have extra cash, you can get a dog sitter to spend the day with your dog whenever you have to step out for a long time.

This will curb the need of you to Soundproof Dog Crates. Having a dig sitter around means your dog will not feel too lonely as there will be someone it can spend time with.

If you cannot afford a dog sitter, it does not mean you should leave your dog alone. You can get a friend or a neighbor to spend the time with your dog until you get back.

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