Does Soundproofing Paint Really Works? (For Walls & Ceilings)

One of the biggest questions that strike every person’s brain contemplating getting the soundproofing paint is that does soundproofing really work? Well, it depends on the noise levels.

Well, if your house needs some work like the arrangement, painting, and soundproofing, then going for soundproofing isn’t the worst idea in the book.

Well, if a paint can help reduce the noise levels in the room then why go for soundproofing, blankets, curtains, and foam panels? You can use that money elsewhere, right?

And let’s be honest, getting a soundproofing room will be the solution of two of your problems, the noises coming and going out of the room will decrease, and you will be able to redesign your room.

Because frankly who has the time to especially schedule your days just because you want to redesign your room, we procrastinate. Hard, but sad fact, you know it, right.

Yes, it will demand a lot of time and attention on your part, but when the hard part is done you will realize that getting it done was so worth it.

Now, I will not stand between you and the knowledge about the soundproofing paints, I will start right away.

Soundproofing paint and basics!

There are a few things you need to know before you go about it. Let’s start with the easier one, this soundproofing paint can be applied on any surface where you apply basic paint, simple right?

Also, you don’t need to paint the entire house with this soundproofing paint, now if you want to do it then there is no stopping you, but doing it isn’t compulsory at all.

You can identify some critical i-need-your-attention-right-away points in your house and paint them. This too is simple, right?

And here comes the hard part, it’s not like the paint wouldn’t work at all, it will, but if you have some hardcore savages living right near your house, then I am sorry. This paint will not protect you from them; in that case, you need to take some serious and super effective measures of soundproofing.

Actually, this paint is super effective for mid-frequency noise, if the noise goes higher than that, it won’t work. Mid-frequency noise is basically the noise that we make while we are talking.

And in order to achieve the best results that this paint can give you, you need to apply three coats of it on the walls. In other words, you need to spend some extra money.

So yeah, you will have to spend some money, time and attention for this soundproofing to be successful, but hey you will have to devote all three of these even if you go for some alternative methods. Rather, I believe this is the easier one.

How does soundproofing paint work?

As it goes everywhere else, here too, the thicker the paint, the better the results. So, let’s first analyze to the best of our limits, how the thick the paint exactly is.

Basically, your preferences will decide how thick the paint exactly is. It is commonly observed that to reduce the noise of normal level of talking, at least three coats of the paint are required. After these three coats, the noise coming from the neighborhood will reduce to half of the normal.

The paint that is used for soundproofing walls is a heavy bodied paint, it is made up using special soundproofing fillers and the ceramic microspheres which helps to increase the absorbing power of the paint.

The problem of the sound bouncing around the room is prevented because it is water-based.

The soundproofing paint, or as the most like it, the sound deadening paint effectively and ferociously dampens the tinning noise and ringing in all the metallic structures.

Acoustic paint prevents the noise from ruining your peace on two different levels. One, it does so by absorbing the noise, therefore no echo.

And for a change, let’s assume that you are too loud for your neighbors, so that will be minimized too, so yes, it works both the ways.

Now again, to prevent echo in the room, adding some furniture to it is a nice way. These pieces of furniture are the best way to prevent the room from having flat, smooth surfaces which is the basic reason for echoing rooms.

So, the soundproofing paint will be too thick to be the ideal surface for an echo to appear out of the blue, so no echo effect.

If you want to make this entire process cost-effective, then you should apply this paint only on the impact regions.

When it comes to being safe and environment-friendly, there is no major difference between this paint and the soundproofing paint. Both are safe and environment-friendly, but the basic paint isn’t soundproofing.

These paints are easily cleanable too, just grab some soap and water and boom, you have gotten a cleaner surface.

And you do not have to worry about the design of your room at all, soundproofing paint comes in all the basic colors you want.

The surface on which soundproofing paint can be used.

Basically, anywhere where you suspect is the place which is disturbing your beauty sleep or any other sleep for that matter. So, ceilings and walls and wood, metal and primed drywall should be on your list.

For better results, you should seriously get the entire wall painted and make sure you repair all the cracks and crevices before you go about it.

The benefits of soundproofing paint

Other than the fact that this paint soundproofs your walls and ceilings to prevent unwanted noise disturbing you at the unholiest times, there are some other good benefits that have.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

  • So, you remember when I told you that you have to do at least three coats? Yeah, so three coats make this thicker paint already so thick and so many layers and coatings can act as a perfect thermal isolator.
  • Once you have done it, you will realize that your rooms are cooler than before, several degrees of difference in temperature has been noticed before and after painting. Cool, no?
  • Not just, soundproofing but you actually can redo your paint job again. Although no unique colors are available which can do the job of soundproofing as well, you will find something.

Results with combined methods

To get some best results, you can always think about combining two or more methods together. There are some very easy soundproofing methods, that you can actually do yourself, and combine them with the soundproofing paint.

Let’s start with the basic one; you can always add some furniture in your room after painting your walls with soundproofing walls.

This furniture will help you with the sound problem and the echo problem. Also, if you have some windows, then windows can be soundproofed too.

In fact, you should actually consider doing something to make the doors and the windows in your room after you have successfully soundproofed your walls.

If it’s your neighbors from the apartment right above yours that are giving you a hard time then after soundproofing your ceiling, you should consider talking to them about carpeting their floor (basically soundproofing floor).

Remember, I told you to fix every crack and crevices in your walls, get that done using green glue before getting the paint on.

Yes, the paint is thick, and you would think what the need of doing that is, but a green glue is a soundproofing substance itself, so you are just reinforcing your soundproofing.

Honestly, there are so many methods that you can combine with this soundproof paint method to get the best results, some are easy to do, some expensive, but all worth it.

Conclusion: Does the soundproofing work?

Now that you know almost every last detail about soundproofing paint, it is safe to say that at some levels, it does work.

If the noise around you is not so bad then it is the ideal way to some peace in your life. If the levels of noise are getting beyond your ignoring abilities then you can add a few more easy methods to this soundproofing paint and get the results you desire.

Now, expecting some miracles like being able to completely avoid a child wailing on the top of his voice, is a bit too much. You can’t just avoid some things, but yes this is one fair way of avoiding some fair noises and that is what it is.

I really hope some of the myths related to soundproofing paints were busted and you were able to come to some sort of fair conclusion.

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