Does Soundproof Wallpaper Really Works? What Are Some Alternatives?

Hearing outside noise in your apartment and wondering how you can get rid of them. Then you probably have thought of using soundproof wallpaper. As they are the first solution that one can think of.

Also, apart from soundproof wallpapers, there are also quite a lot of solutions that you can go for. Plus, different people have different solutions.

But that does not mean those solutions will work for you. Hence the most common thing one goes with is soundproof paint of wallpaper.

But the question is Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work? Of course, they look pretty amazing and offers a rich look. But are they really worth the investment?

Well, many of us have this question in our mind. And it is completely okay to have this question. Because using and implementing soundproof wallpaper is not a cheap job.

In fact, they cost quite a lot of bucks. And you do not want to waste your money at all.

Hence to help you out, I am going to answer the question for you. So you can know if implementing soundproof wallpaper will help you in any way or not.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

What You Will Need To Soundproof your Home?

Basically, to soundproof your room, you will need two things. These things are the:

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are made of some special layers of materials which helps in damping the noise by a little.

Weather strip

Also, to seal the holes and you will have to use weatherstrip. They will block the sound that leaking for a room.

Either way, you can also think of soundproofing wallpapers. They have become mainstream in the last few years. As it is quite hard nowadays to own your own home. So you cannot simply breakdown a wall or make any customization’s on it.

Hence you always have to look for an alternative solution, and this is where the soundproof wallpapers come into play.

They do not just look super amazing, but they also cut down the construction work, and you will not have to deal with any mess.

What else do you need?

How Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work?

Is not it quite strange when you try to believe that wallpaper can actually reduce the noise? Of course, it sounds a bit strange.

Like it is only a thin piece of paper covering the whole wall and stopping the sound. Hence, as a result, most of us tend not to believe in them or consider it a waste of money.

However, the thing with soundproof wallpapers is that they are not made of a thin paper which has some nice designs and color.

Even a soundproof wallpaper is made of special layers which do help in reducing the noise a little. Again I am mentioning a little. It will not make a huge difference though. But it sure helps.

Also, as it is made of multiple layers which is one of the most important elements in soundproofing business.

Most of the soundproof wallpapers are made of acoustic panels or slippery latex. And on top of it, there is a regular wallpaper.

But they are still quite different from the regular wallpapers. As there is different kind of materials that manufacturers use.

Does Soundproofing Wallpaper Really Work?

Now coming to our main question Does Soundproofing Wallpaper Really Works?

Well, of course, I did mention that there are quite a lot of materials which are being used to manufacture a soundproof wallpaper.

But in the bottom line, it is quite hard to believe that it works. But believe you me, it can actually reduce noise in your home.

Of course, you can not expect much from it. Like if someone is your neighbor is playing their music system in a loud volume.

Then you will obviously get to hear the sound. But if your neighbors are talking normally and you do not want that sound. Then this thing is for you. After all, it is just a thin sheet of paper.

Overall, you can say that soundproof wallpapers are pretty great for damping mid-range frequencies.

So you can enjoy yourself in a piece environment. But in a noisy environment, they do not help much.

Even, nowadays there are quite a lot of soundproof wallpapers exists which can reduce noise at a higher level.

Just check out the product description before buying, and it will give you enough idea.

Where Can Soundproof Wallpaper Be Used?

There is no specific areas where you can use a soundproof wallpaper and where you cannot. As at the end of the story, it’s just like the normal wallpapers, and you can use them wherever you wish to, and there are no limitations.

However, to make it easy for you let me just explain. You obviously want to soundproof your bedroom right because you do not want any outside knowledge to ruin your sleep.

Similar way, if you have a baby, then you also need to soundproof the area where you keep your baby. And you also need to noise-proof the chilling areas where you spend most of your time.

In short, it’s up to you. You can use soundproof wallpaper whenever you want. Even there are quite a lot of people who use soundproof wallpaper for their whole home. And you can do the same.

Alternatives to Soundproof Wallpaper

Now that you know how useful soundproof wallpapers are. Now let’s talk about some alternatives too. As I have mentioned that soundproof wallpapers are great for reducing a little noise.

But in case if you have extra requirements and want something better than soundproof wallpapers. Then you obviously need to think of better options.

Hence to help you out, I have picked up some soundproof wallpaper which will help you to reduce the noise at your home on a large scale. So here we go:

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are one of the most common things that many people use to soundproof their home. Since they work as a very good insulator.

Even the best part is that they can reduce noise at a higher level compared to soundproof wallpapers.

Acoustic foam panels are mostly made using soft sponge materials, and they have a pyramid shape which helps in reducing noise. However, the worst part of them is that they do not look great. Plus, they are a bit thick too.

But in the end, you have to decide what matters the most to you? A nice design or the noise-free environment.

But wait, do not get sad. Of course, acoustic foam panels looks a bit weird. But the good part is that they do come in different colors.

So you can create nice designs with them and give your home a modern look without compromising on the peace.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is another alternative to the soundproof wallpapers. They are pretty great if you have a serious problem with noise.

They are not just best in reducing the noise. But you can also pair them up with wallpaper and make your home more quieter and give it an amazing look.

You can use Mass loaded vinyl for soundproofing your home against airborne noise. Like the noise of traffic, conversations and any other type of noise. These are made with a vinyl under high temperatures and acts as a sound barrier.

The best part of Mass loaded vinyl is that it does not absorb the noise. Instead, it works like a reflector, and it reflects the noise back to the source.

As a result, you will get a peaceful environment. Also, you can apply a soundproof wallpaper on them to make your home more quitter.

Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane Windows are one of the easiest to implement a solution that you can try out. They are basically an additional removable glass that you can attach on your windows when you need it. Also, you can remove them when not in use.

Here is a helpful video which will help you to understand the difference between Single vs Double Pane Windows.

By adding additional glasses, you will simply create a gap between two glasses. And this is where the noise will be caught, and you will get to hear less noise.

Weather Strip

The last thing that you can try out is the weather strip. Sound waves often go with the path which is least resistant. And in case if you have any crack or hole in your room.

Then sound waves will use it to enter in your room. However, to eliminate such holes or cracks. You can simply use weatherstrip.

You will find cracks or holes in your windows, or doors. So make sure you are looking at them and checking out if they need a weather strip or not. If they do then simply implement weather strip to soundproof your room.

Final Words

To soundproof your home, other than soundproof wallpaper you can try using a soundproof paint, you can even try using soundproof curtains on your windows (or you can even soundproof your window), soundproof blankets (for peaceful sleep), soundproofing your walls, soundproofing floors, soundproofing ceilings, soundproofing sliding doors of your home (if you have any) or maybe Soundproofing noisy above door air vent in bedroom etc.

All these soundproofing guides are already covered in this blog so go give it a read and explore more ways to completely noise-proof your life.

In the end, all I would like to say that it depends on your needs. If the noise level is really low, then a simple soundproof wallpaper will do the job. Else, you have to think of other options.

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