Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – Top 5 Best (2023)

The use of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for soundproofing is gaining popularity these days. An Acoustic Ceiling tile is one of the best and most affordable options to fix most of your noise problems.

Much of the harsh noise that you listen, come back when the same noise bounces off any hard surface such as drywall, floor or furniture, but when the same noise hits an acoustic ceiling tile, it reduces its intensity to about 70%, and hence greatly enhancing your listening experience.

These are very efficient in absorbing echoes and other reverberations, creating an environment that is completely free of harsh noise.

What is Acoustic Ceiling Tile?

 Decorative Ceiling Tiles For Soundproofing

Acoustic Ceiling Tile is basically a type of soundproofing material that functions as both, sound treatment along with wall décor.

It is a sound absorber which is porous and you can directly use them on your ceiling or walls. These are very efficient in absorbing any sort of disturbance plus at the same time because of their modern design and looks, gives your room a very cozy aesthetic appeal.

How do Acoustic Ceiling Tiles work?

One of the best and cheap ways to sound-proof a room is by using acoustic ceiling tiles. You can directly use them on an existing ceiling or use a suspended metal ceiling grid and install the same on that.

Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles – What You Should Know?

Armstrong Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Here are some of the important things that you should keep in mind before you head off:

  1. Construction – it is very important to first think about how you would like to fit the tiles at your place. You can install an acoustic ceiling tile easy with the help of tacks, pins, double-sided tape or an adhesive spray.
  2. Dimension – the most important aspect is the dimension of the tile being used, which entirely depends on your requirement (the space you want to cover).
  3. Thickness – thickness of any tile or panel plays an important role in the effectiveness of such products.
  4. NRC Rating – NRC or noise reduction coefficient rating is a standard procedure to describe the quality of acoustic material. The scale rates a product from 0 to 1 relating to the frequencies it can muffle.
  5. Shape & Colour – depending on what kind of space you want to re-do, acoustic ceiling tiles give you a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

A number of options with varied designs and patterns are also available, these acoustic panels add an extra element to your rooms décor and look fantastic apart from efficiently fulfilling the purpose.

You can also checkout Rockfon Sonar Ceiling Tiles review.

Best Decorative Ceiling Tiles For Soundproofing

  1. ATS Acoustic Panels

ATS is a very well-known brand and most of the products available in the market are genesis of this brand. They have many different kinds of panels but for beginners who just want their job to be taken care off, the most basic Fire Rated Panel is perfect.

Other features to look for – Class A fire rating, 2 inches thick, Roxul mineral wool insulation, wood frame, sold individually (single piece), comes with mounting hardware, 10 colour options to choose from.

  1. Acoustimac

If anyone in the market can compete with ATS Acoustic then it is Acoustimac. The most basic product from this brand is its 4 x 2 – foot panel. It is 2 inches thick and has .95 NRC or higher rating. Features to look for:

Other features to look for – rockwool insulation, suede cover, 2 inches thick, wood frame, 4 x 2 feet rectangular panel sold individually, comes with mounting hardware, 4 colour options.

  1. Burton Acoustix

If you are looking for something that is very different from the above mentioned two brands, then take a look at the product line of Burton Acoustix.

The Burton panels are entirely constructed of densely packed polyester fibres, hence is also one of the cheapest alternatives mentioned in this list.

They have some of the most attractive tiles that you can find in the market and every single pack contains about 5 pieces of tiles.

Other features to look for – 0.36 inches thick and comes in 12-inch squares, 5 panels in one pack, light grey colour only, NRC .90 and 1, Class B1 fire rating.

  1. BXI Polyester Sound Absorber

Very similar to Burton Acoustix, the BXI Polyester Sound Absorbers are also made up of condensed polyester fibre. One pack of these tiles contains 6 pieces of 12 inch tiles.

Other features to look for – dense polyester fibre, 6-piece set in one pack, 0.36 inches thick, 16 x 12 inch rectangles, 5 colour options to choose from, NRC rating 0.87, Class B1 fire rating.

  1. Armstrong Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong Decorative Ceiling Tiles come in two different sizes; 24” x 24” and 24” x 48”. Apart from controlling noise, the Armstrong ceiling tiles also offer mildew, sag and mold resistance.

The panels are placed on a suspended grid, which can be installed by any DIY enthusiast or a contractor. The suspended grid also allows you to hide any plumbing, cable wires or electrical wiring system very efficiently.

Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

If you are looking for decorative sound absorbing panels then you should definitely take a look at the variety Acoustimac has to offer.

Their product line Acoustimac Art Panels contains varies different styles and pictures that are printed on the fabric cover of these tiles.

You can choose from 5 beautiful designs – a blue and orange microphone, picture of a woman playing cello, a piano, and guitar images (2 different).

If you are more into nature, then you can opt for something like the meditation stones in water image they have or the photo of a country road.


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