Rockfon Sonar Review – Rockfon Ceiling Tiles (2023)

Sound acoustic solutions are known to improve worker comfort, student learning, patient healing and overall wellbeing.

Insulation between adjacent rooms in a space can also affect confidentiality, concentration and recovery to a great extent.

One of the most popular ways to optimize sound insulation between rooms is the use of acoustic walls extending to the full height or to the roof.

When full-height walls are not available, one can use Rockfon acoustic systems in an extensive portfolio of sound-absorbing products designed to optimize acoustics for modern interiors.

These lightweight islands, baffles and ceiling panels create a high-performing insulation system to achieve the desired experience at an affordable price.

In this post, we review the Rockfon Sonar stone wool ceiling panels and discover more about the Rockfon ceiling tiles to help you understand how it can benefit you.

Rockfon Sonar Review

A comprehensive, extensive range of durable, aesthetically pleasing tiles with strong edges, excellent acoustics and textured surface, Rockfon Sonar comes in a variety of sizes and meets the highest standards of sound absorption and safety.

These products can achieve a noise reduction coefficient of 0.95 and deliver sound absorbing benefits that decrease noise levels, promote privacy, improve intelligibility and shorten reverberation time.

Rockfon acoustics provide a simple and straightforward way to meet the current standards, criteria and guidelines while keeping on budget.

With Rockfon Sonar, one can easily optimize the ideal acoustic environment without having to compromise performance or style.

Available in a variety of styles, sizes and formats, Rockfon Sonar ceiling products contribute to the designs of commercial projects, performance and goals.

The panel features a lightly textured white surface that delivers a high light reflectance. These products provide long term durability and low maintenance backed by a 30-year warranty.

Rockfon Sonar tiles create a monolithic design due to reduced seam between the tiles.

While other concealed grid systems require special measuring and consideration for cutting and placement, Sonar features a symmetrical design that is quick and simple to install and creates a continuous and elegant look with ease.

Rockfon Sonar ceiling tiles offer the freedom to design great interiors. They come in bright white micro-textured surfaces with up to 85% reflectance value.

You can even order special colors and custom sizes. These tiles offer the highest levels of sound absorption to help create an optimum acoustic environment for better concentration and calmness.

The visible side of the tiles has a reinforced fleece coated with enhanced lacquer to provide scratch resistance. Its edges are flexible and strong and remain intact even when removed and reinstalled on a regular basis.

Rockfon Sonar Price

Rockfon Sonar Price

Lightly textured, elegant white surface tiles with excellent acoustical performance, Rockfon Sonar suits a wide variety of applications and delivers optimal design freedom.

This high-end line of textured white tiles comes in standard and parking sizes with numerous grid options to offer a lot of design possibilities.

It offers excellent functionality to suit a variety of areas including retail, offices, reception areas, classrooms, lobbies, multifunctional rooms and waiting rooms. It features the highest-class A sound absorption as well as fire protection.

Rockfon Sonar ceiling tiles come at an affordable price of about $200 per ctn 10 pieces and can be purchased from online and offline retailers.

Rockfon Sonar offers a unique combination of the highest fire safety, sound absorption and acoustic comfort to give peace of mind.

Sonar tiles are made using patented technology and ensure sharp edges that not only look elegant but are strong and flexible for durability.

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles Price

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles Price

High-performance, sound-absorbing Rockfon ceiling panels with noise reduction coefficient as high as 0.90 can improve the acoustic experience in retail shops, open-plan offices, patient recovery areas, classrooms as well as meeting rooms, reception areas, lobbies and corridors. Rockfon sound-absorbing acoustic stone wool ceiling products include the following types:

Rockfon Alaska – It has a 0.90 NRC and provides sound absorption for classrooms, open-plan offices, reception and retail areas.

Rockfon Medical Plus – With an NRC of 0.90, it provides excellent sound absorption with superior hygiene properties suiting acute care clinics, medical office buildings and eldercare residencies.

Rockfon Sonar – It has an NRC of up to 0.95 and provides sound absorption for education, health care and open-plan offices.

Rockfon’s ceiling tiles provide acoustic comfort in a natural way and the ceilings don’t corrode, sag, rot or promote bacteria or fungi growth.

Rockfon tiles are also backed by a 40-year limited warranty. The price of Rockfon tile is just right and affordable so that customers save money and get value for money.

Best Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Best Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The best acoustic ceiling tiles not only augment the quality of sound but also the appearance of the facility. Sound absorbing ceiling tiles are the most common type of tiles and help reduce the reverberation reflecting within a space.

Rockfon sound-absorbing ceiling tiles are aesthetically pleasing with neat finishes and impact resistance. Other good options are Signature acoustic ceiling tile and AcoustLight tile.

Those who look for moisture-resistant options can consider Sonex Clean, PolySorpt and AlphaEnviro. The other type of acoustic tiles is sound blocking intended to prevent sound from going through a ceiling.

Rockfon Plenum Barrier board is one of the best noise blocking panels installed under walls or over walls inside ceiling plenums to enhance sound insulation. Such sound barriers install directly over existing tiles to save your budget.

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