Quietglue Pro Review – Quietglue Pro Vs Green Glue (2023)

You might be searching for QuietGlue Pro or maybe Greenglue i.e sound dampening adhesives.

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Any noise from outside is always disturbing, especially when you are listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movie.

And for those who already have or wish to have a dedicated home-theatre, soundproofing the respective room to the highest possible extent becomes a necessity, so that you can enjoy your leisure time fully.

There are literally n-number of products or materials in the market that are advertised as something that has good noise reduction characteristics.

Some of them are actually very good and reliable, various lab tests attest to their good characteristics. But many of them make false claims or even have a very slight overall effect to enhance your experience.

There are many different materials that can be efficiently used to reduce the impact of any outside noise, such as; Mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), which is a highly dense flexible membrane, or insulation which is set of loosely packed fiber that acts as an extremely good sound absorber, or even a damping compound.

A damping compound is basically a viscoelastic adhesive and is used as a damping layer between different layers of drywall, subflooring or plywood. The damping compound is one of the cheapest yet one of the most effective noise reducers.

But not all brands available in the market are capable of delivering on the promises that they make. One of the most trusted brands, when talking about damping adhesives is QuietGlue Pro.

Another very popular and reliable brand is Green Glue. Other than these two, if you find something else please ensure to check their test data once before buying the same.

QuietGlue Pro Review

QuietGlue Pro Price

QuietGlue Pro is a low cost, a high-performance acoustical compound which is one of the best products for do-it-yourself projects and other similar commercial applications.

Various independent tests have proven that QuietGlue Pro, when applied in between two layers of drywall or any other similar building material, is capable of dissipating noise up to 90%.

The adhesive is also very efficient in cutting out various low-frequency noises that are commonly produced in various home theatre or entertainment systems.


  • 3 different unit size – 28oz Tube; 1 Gallon Pail & 5 Gallon Bucket
  • A tube can cover about 32 square feet whereas a gallon can cover an area of about 146 square feet
  • Weight – 3lbs per tube
  • Approximate thickness while application – ¼” or 3/8” bead thickness
  • Product density – 1030 kg/m3
  • Viscosity as per ASTM D2196 – 400,000 – 800,000 centipoise
  • Do not freeze, to be stored at 40-degree F – 100-degree F
  • Dries in about 24-48 hours


  • Cut the material (drywall) to the required specification
  • Use any standard quart-sized caulking gun and apply QuietGlue Pro in the respective areas
  • Screw in the drywall, finish it up and your done
  • Suggested application – 2 tubes per 4×8 sheet of material


  • No special training required, hence easy to use
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM D3273 and E90
  • Perfect and can easily be used with any kind of plywood or drywall

Points to Remember

  • QuietGlue Pro will start to dry up within 5 minutes after use, however, it is good to give it about 15 full days to dry out completely and only after 15 days you can test the full sound-proof capability of your new wall
  • Use soap and water to clean-up
  • No hazardous products used in this product, but while disposing off any left-over be responsible
  • It is not a structural adhesive and don’t forget to use normal care and precautions when working with it.

QuietGlue Price

QuietGlue Pro 12 Pack case will cost you around $130.

QuietGlue Pro Vs Green Glue

QuietGlue Pro Vs Green Glue

Both the products the QuietGlue Pro and Green Glue are extremely good and stand by their claims.

In terms of quality and performance both these are at par but one of the biggest differences between the two is that QuietGlue is 35% cheaper than its competitor Green Glue.

If you are buying a 12 tube pack of QuietGlue, it will cost you about $70 less than the same 12 tube pack of Green Glue.

The price tag of both these products could have a big impact on the total costs of your project.

QuietGlue QuietRock – A Complete Guide

QuietGlue QuietRock

Developing sound-proof and vibration-proof products is the specialty of Quiet, and QuietRock is their first and most advanced sound-reducing drywall.

In 2013, QuietRock along with other Quiet accessory products joined the PABCO Gypsum family. And with about 40 patents under its umbrella, QuietRock thrives to provide its customers high sound attenuation along with fire-resistance in a single product.

It is designed to use less space, less labor, and less material compared to other conventional products. The range of QuietRock panels includes:

  • QuietRock 510
  • QuietRock 530
  • QuietRock 530 RF
  • QuietRock 545
  • EZ-SNAP Mold Resistant

Range of Acoustical sealants includes:

Glues & coatings from QuietRock:

The products are designed to provide outstanding performance without compromising on your valuable floor space.

All their products are equipped with their patented “thin wall technology” which improves Sound Transmission Class performance by using less material. The thickness of QuietRock products varies from ½”, 5/8” and 1-3/8”.

The QuietRock 500 is one of their most popular products, which is also very easy to install and you don’t need any special training or tools to install the same.

Their range of products is not only good for new construction but actually is also very practical for those who are thinking of remodeling their homes.

One of the best characteristics of QuietRock is its ability to provide the same quality soundproofing experience even after using fixtures like your TV that is installed on top of it.

All their products are very good for do-it-yourself projects or something that needs to be finished in a very short period of time.

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