Best Transparent Soundproof Curtains – (UPDATED 2023)

Soundproof curtains are a great way to regulate sound in a room and from the outside. They are useful to block some noise from coming into an area and can also absorb sounds inside a space to eliminate echoes and vibration.

Soundproof curtains are often used in homes, studios, churches, and music halls to improve the overall sound quality of the area.

Best Transparent Soundproof Curtains

A transparent soundproof curtain does not mean that you can physically see through the curtains. The actual idea of transparency is that the fabric allows air to move through the curtain.

It helps to regulate the sound, may absorb sounds, or even reflect sounds but it will still allow the room to breathe and for the correct sounds to pass through.

Soundproof curtains have different abilities in terms of keeping sounds out and canceling out noise from the outside.

Most curtains will have additional fibers in them and be woven from specific materials to work at blocking out or reflecting a specific range of frequencies.

Translucent Sound Absorbing Materials

However, a curtain will never work on all low and high frequencies, and you need to consider your requirements carefully before making a decision for the final purchase.

Translucent Sound Absorbing Materials – What You Should Know?

There is a difference between soundproof and sound-absorbing materials. A soundproof curtain will keep sound out of a space by reflecting it away from the material – it works well if you want to not have external sounds like dog barking inside your space.

Sound absorbing materials literally draw in sounds and “hold them” to improve the quality of sound in a room.

Sound-absorbing curtains are often used in churches and music halls to absorb any standing waves and echoes. Most curtains will have both soundproof and sound-absorbing qualities.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to purchase soundproofing curtains. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Curtain Size

Purchase curtains that are three times the width of your window or door and hang them with lots of pleats. It will increase the coverage and provide denser material to enhance sound-absorbing qualities.

The curtain should stretch from higher than the window frame and down to several inches below the window to work properly. Some people tape the curtains to the wall using double-sided tape to seal the window even more.


The types of fibers in the material will dictate the soundproofing and sound absorbing abilities of the curtain. Heavy curtains are usually more fibrous and will work best for soundproofing. Check the label for the materials.

Items such as thermalayer and thermaweave are words to look out for on labels as they improve sound blocking. Adding a blackout liner will improve the curtain’s abilities too.

User Friendliness

Soundproof curtains are notoriously heavy, bulky and difficult to work with. You will probably need a second person to help you hang the curtains and ensure you have a very sturdy rod or steel structure on which the curtains will hang.

Consider how easy it will be to wash the curtains and how frequently that will have to be done since dirty curtains can affect the sound-absorbing properties.

Acoustic Curtain Reviews

There are several acoustic curtains to choose from that work very well in the studio, music centers, or home-usage.

Sideli Solid Rod Heavy Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are ideal to absorb sound due to the proliferation of fibers. These curtains from Sideli contain multiple layers and keep sound out.

Several color and size options make it easier to fit the same type of curtain to all the windows or doors in your space.

Warm Home Designs Thermal Blackout Curtains

The Thermal Blackout Curtains come in single panels so you might need to purchase several units for larger windows.

These are ideal for soundproofing a smaller window or over a door. Most of the noise will be canceled out by the panels. The double-layer also goes a long way in aiding the capabilities to soundproof a space.

H. Versailtex Premier Blackout Wider Curtains

These curtains are extra wide for improved sound dampening. They are slightly more expensive but block both noise and light.


They are easy to handle even if they are heavy. These are great for larger rooms with big windows.

Nicetown Three-pass Microfiber Curtains

Nicetown is known for creating some of the best soundproof and sound-absorbing curtains in the industry.

The microfiber material enhances sound-absorption and makes this ideal for use in music halls or for a room housing a studio.

Soundproof Curtains For Studio

Here are some of the best options if you want to add soundproof curtains to your studio.

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Lined Curtains

If you require an all-in-one solution then the thermal insulated blackout lined curtains are your best option.

Soundproof Curtains For Studio

These are expensive but drastically reduce sound and the addition of the lining helps to get this right.

Noise will be almost non-existent and the wide range of colors makes it easier to find something you like.

H. Versailtex Classic Grommet Curtains

The Classic Grommet Curtains are exceptionally large, made from dense material and have properties of both sound absorption and soundproofing.

They are heavy which makes them difficult to handle but the quality far outweighs the physical weight. The curtains are affordable and a great buy for the product you get.

Deconovo Blackout Drapes

A single, large curtain comes in the package but is just as effective as double curtains. These are perfect for studios where two curtains are not really necessary.

 Transparent Soundproof Material

They block sound very well, especially from the outside. A range of colors allows you to match your curtain color to other accents in your studio.

Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panels

The Blackout panels from Nicetown are another great buy from this manufacturer. The panels are sold as two in a pack and contain microfiber for best sound absorption.

The panels are quite large and can easily cover two smaller windows in a studio.

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