Best Portable Soundproof Booth / Room (2023)

A portable soundproof booth or room is a box-type space which does not let unnecessary noise enter into it but rather blocks sound off to the outside. When you are in a soundproof room, you will hear very few sounds from outside.

Soundproof rooms are traditionally used in the music industry when recording sounds, singing, and so on. Some sound booths are on wheels, which make them portable. You can then move the room around to the space where you want it.

Portable soundproof booths come in a variety of sizes. There are some that are only about 3 x 4 foot, which allow a person to stand in the unit, or sit on a high chair at a small desk. There are many reasons to use a soundproof booth.

Some people use the portable soundproof booth to record music, while others simply want a quiet space to work. Portable soundproof rooms are popular for home recording studios. Lately, some offices have invested in soundproof rooms to create quiet spaces for work. This is specifically useful in noisy environments like call centers and open plan environments.

DIY Soundproof Booth – How To Build A Portable Soundproof Booth?

Building a portable soundproof room is not the easiest things to do. There are a lot of different materials to use and factors to consider, such as ventilation and lighting. A basic booth will keep sound out and make it easy to hear internal sounds clearly. The quality of your booth is highly dependent on your budget so check the available materials before starting construction.

A DIY sound booth is constructed from plywood, thick blankets, high-density foam panels and strips to insulate areas. A door and sealant, like silicone, is also required. Next, you need to decide where to assemble the booth. Some people choose a permanent spot, while others want to move it around and thus add a floor and wheels.

Put up plywood walls and add the door. Then cover these with high-density foam and thick blankets to block out sounds. A door sweep can be added to help insulate sounds. Acoustic foam tends to work best for soundproofing as it has been specifically created to eliminate sound. You can glue the foam to the walls.

You will also need to feed cables into the sound booth for things like setting up microphones, or computers when using it as an office. This requires you to drill holes into the plywood for access. Seal all the corners and any small holes with sealant and extra foam to get the booth as quiet as possible.

If your booth has a floor, then add another piece of drywall on top of the floor. Place a thick carpet over the entire floor to help with soundproofing. You can also add a heavy blanket between the floor and the drywall for further soundproofing.

You will want to place ventilation through some of the holes you have made in the walls to get air circulating in the room from the outside. Some people also cut vents into the floor for additional oxygen but don’t make the vents to large as it will cause sound to enter.

Whisperroom Review

Whisperroom Review

Whisperroom makes some of the best portable soundproof rooms available on the market. Many people with home studios, and even professionals, use the Whisperroom sound booths for quality recordings. These products are probably the closest you will get to absolute silence.

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There are almost 30 booth sizes to choose from, ranging from 3.5 x 2.5 feet to larger units of 8.5 x 15.5 feet. The booths are fully customizable which is an added advantage for music enthusiasts. The Whisperroom products are exceptionally good but do come at a price; the smallest enclosures start at just under $4,000 and go up to almost $30,000. However, those who use Whisperrooms will tell you it is worth every cent.

The enclosures are constructed from either single or double panels and make use of wood and steel for ultimate sound proofing, along with a choice of colored foam. The materials do make the rooms very heavy but they come with a floor panel which has wheels so you can move the booth around with relative ease. You will need a few people to help you build the room as it is shipped in panels.

VocalBooth Review

VocalBooth Review

VocalBooth creates portable sound booths which are suitable for rehearsals, broadcasting and music production. There are three types of VocalBooths available, each with different features. The range includes a Gold, Platinum and Diamond option.

The Gold and Platinum options are very affordable and have a rectangular frame, although a square option is available. The Diamond booth stands out from the crowd since it has a floating structure – room inside a room – for improved sound proofing. VocalBooth has almost all the internal walls covered with materials to improve acoustics, including Auralux foam and polyester panels.

The VocalBooth can be made to order and you can specify wall sizes in feet. The door and additional windows are fitted according to your specifications. The typical ceiling height is 82 inches but this can also be adjusted. The weight of the VocalBooth is also less than some other brands, even with solid core doors and proper insulation.

Room Review

room soundproof room

Room makes portable soundproof rooms, specifically for use in office environments. The design is reminiscent of a telephone box and looks elegant in any room. The construction is done by a team upon delivery. The walls are made from recyclable materials: plastic bottles pad the cozy room.

Insulation blocks outside noise and the door seals with magnets to help keep sound out. Floor and ceiling vents encourage airflow and moderate temperature.

Various size options are available and the designs from Room will change over time to introduce larger work spaces. The rooms can also be used for some broadcasting and music rehearsals but additional soundproofing will be required for proper recordings.

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