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Recording music at home is not always easy, especially if the room you are using is not the ideal set-up for making music. Your recording space may have too much background noise, the sounds may echo off walls, and the acoustics could be completely wrong. All these issues make it difficult to get a proper sound recording.

The SE Reflexion Filter can be the answer to your problems. It blocks off unwanted sounds and noise to provide you with a clearer recording. The filter is simply set-up around the microphone so you do not need to change the entire room. We have provided an overall SE Reflexion Filter Review just in case if you want to check whether it is a fit for you or no

SE Reflexion Filter Review

To combat dry noise and unwanted sounds in recording, SE Electronics created the SE Reflexion Filter. The device mounts onto a microphone stand, which makes it portable. It works to absorb acoustic sounds in the room before they can interfere with the recording.

Many artists and home recording enthusiasts use the Reflexion Filter. The Filter works exceptionally well and you can hear how it blocks sounds simply by placing your head on the inside of the filter, then raising your head to above the filter – you will immediately hear a difference and realize just how noisy your recording space actually is.

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro – What You Should Know?

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

The Reflexion Filter Pro has been designed with care to eliminate all sounds regardless of frequency. It works on very low frequencies and even blocks off extremely high, sharp sounds.

The response range of the Filter Pro is achieved by using multiple layers various materials, which each have its own sound-dampening qualities.

Together, this combination effectively works to absorb sound, standing waves, and resonance. The Reflexion Filter Pro is one of the best products available for this purpose and cheaper products do not come close to this type of quality.

The SE Reflexion Filter Pro is perfect for use in a home studio due to its compact design. Hooking the system up with your other recording equipment will give you a great set-up and get you ready to record high-quality pieces.

The filter works to pick up any sounds which fall slightly out of scope as well and eliminates some of the reflections by absorbing them before hitting the walls.

The absorption capabilities are truly impressive and the Reflexion Pro comes at a reasonable price. Some people do find the hardware to mount the filter a bit bulky but the benefits of the system far outweigh this slight inconvenience.

The Reflexion Filter ships with the filter parts, support rod, stand assembly and a spanner. There are times when SE Electronics creates value bundles and then your purchase may include a microphone or other goodies.

SE Reflexion Filter Setup

SE Reflexion Filter Setup

The SE Reflexion Filter comes with a manual providing instructions on how to set-up the device. Essentially, there are five steps to follow starting with a check of all parts for assembly. The set-up is quite easy to follow and goes quickly.

The assembly stand is attached to your mic stand. The support rod is then placed between the filter and the stand assembly. Tighten the pads with the spanner to ensure nothing will go loose in the process.

After assembly, you can adjust the position of the filter on the mic stand. Make changes in both the horizontal and vertical axis until the set-up suits your needs. The manual will also explain the best position for recording.

To achieve optimal sound absorption by the Reflexion Pro you need the set-up to be correct. The microphone needs to be positioned in the middle of the Reflexion Filter; this means centering it on the vertical and horizontal axis. The microphone should be in almost a straight line with the ends of the curved walls for the best performance.

You can always play around with the set-up to determine what sound you like, or even to create specific sound effects. Adjusting the microphone position and recording short pieces should give you enough to compare how the set-up affects the recording.

SE Reflexion Filter Parts

SE Reflexion Filter Parts

The SE Reflexion Filter comes with standard parts to assemble the device. This includes the Reflexion Filter, a mounting bracket, screw wrench, and microphone stand thread adapter. The actual filter is made up of several layers of materials to absorb a wide array of sounds.

Replacement parts are available and you can choose to upgrade your set-up with improved parts from SE Electronics. The Reflexion Filter Pro has an upgraded mounting bracket available for better stability and making it easier to use the device.

The bracket provides additional positions for the Filter, which increases flexibility while maintaining optimal performance. It is also made from high quality material to withstand the moving actions and wear.

Another great upgrade is the Reflexion Filter Music Stand to hold pages while you are recording. The stand clamps onto the top part of the Reflexion Filter with just a few clicks and can then hold music books, lyrics, or other pages for easy reference.

Reflection Filter Vs Vocal Booth

Both reflection filters and vocal booths can work well for sound recording and each has its merits. The system which is best for you will be determined by your needs and available space.

If you are using a room in your house with a temporary recording space then your best option may be the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro since it can be set-up and dismantled with relative ease and takes up very little space.

Larger recording spaces and those which are more permanent may benefit from a vocal booth rather than a reflection filter.

Vocal booths take up more space and you don’t really want to move them once they are set-up. So a vocal booth is a great option if you have a dedicated recording space.

Using the Reflexion Filter is a great alternative to a home booth. The SE Electronics website describes it as a portable vocal booth. Its abilities and effect on sound recording make it ideal for home use.

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