Whisperroom Review – Best Sound Isolation Enclosure (2023)

It is very difficult to find that peaceful corner for yourself especially when your work demands complete silence or noise reduction. No matter how much of soundproofing you use, it is very difficult to create something that is absolutely flawless when it comes to eliminating all sorts of outside disturbances.

For such demanding jobs, the portable sound isolation enclosures from Whisperroom are something that you should look and hence we have provided an in-depth and complete Whisperroom Review that will clear all your doubts.

Since, 1990 they have created and shipped sound isolation units all over the world and their client base includes some big TV networks, state and federal governments, musicians, recording studios and even individuals.

Whisperroom Review

Every single booth is equipped with an efficient ventilation system, which can also be detached if you don’t want to use it. Each such system can circulate air at about 80 cubic feet per minute and includes one intake duct, one exhaust duct and a remote fan unit.

Every single door window uses laminated safety glass that comprises of layers of ¼” thick glass, the glass itself is very efficient in reducing noise to a great extent.

With the help of slotted rubber plugs, you can easily pass through all the necessary communication cables, electric cables or even computer cables.

Every model contains enough of Auralex acoustical foam that covers about 1/3 of its interior surface. Every single sheet sizes 2” x 4” and is 2” thick, the same is attached to the interior with the help of a Velcro. Depending on the environment that you wish to create you can either attach or detach the same.

All units come with a set of basic start-up lighting, but for those who want a bit more, you can always pick something from their optional Studio lights.

All models come with a wireless remote switch, to control the ventilation system.

Many times, after buying a basic model some of you might feel to extend or expand your unit a bit more. For such customer’s various expansion packages are available for most of the basic models. Any expansion package comes up with 2 additional walls, 1 floor, 1 ceiling and seam seals.

Features (standard for all their products):

  • 12” x 30” – Door Window
  • Ventilation system and a remote switch
  • Acoustical foam which attaches with Velcro
  • Cable passages
  • Fluorescent light
  • Duct covers

Optional Features:

  • Wall windows – 4 sizes; 30” window, 36” window, 42” window and 48” window
  • Caster plate – an additional floor component with wheels to aid the mobility of your booth. The same also provides a good amount of downward noise control.
  • Ventilation silencing system – to further reduce noise coming because of the airflow, the VSS can be efficiently used, which consists of two exhaust ducts, hoses and adapter.
  • Wide-door access – any unit with a 5’ wall can accommodate a wide-access door, which is essential for applications that require large units or components to go in and out of the booth. The wide-door access already includes a 16” x 48” window.
  • Acoustic tuning package – one of the most common problems related to acoustics is the standing waves (because of parallel walls), to get rid of this issue, all units from Whisperroom can be efficiently equipped with ATP, which provides you the required flexibility to change the interior acoustic environment of the booth depending on your requirements.
  • Isolation enhancement package – for certain applications, the noise reduction capability of a standard booth will not suffice. Hence, all standard-units come with a pre-configured installation set-up, so that you can easily attach other secondary isolation components.
  • Height extension up to 10”
  • Exterior fan silencer – since an exterior ventilation fan has about 38dB noise rating, by using an exterior fan silencer, you can efficiently get rid of that minute disturbance also. The number of EFS units you need to install, entirely depend on the size of your booth.
  • Additional Auralex foam exterior – each sheet of auralex is 2’ x 4’ and about 2” thick, you can customize the acoustic depending on your requirement and change the environment inside the booth.
  • Ceiling mount ventilation

They offer two levels of isolation to choose from for all their products:

  1. Standard – Single wall units (can be upgraded to Enhanced at any time)
  2. Enhanced – Double wall units

With 26 sizes to choose from, every single user will get what he needs depending upon his/her requirement.

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Whisperroom Price

Whisperroom Price

The price of the booth will entirely depend on what features you are looking for and most importantly the size of the booth itself.

Starting price for the basic models from Whisperroom is $3,300 and can go up to $34,800, for its high-end models. Looking at other similar products from various other brands, the prices of Whisperroom are pretty competitive and pocket friendly.

All their products come with a great deal of flexibility and optional features that you can add on their basic models or even use to expand your existing unit. With various different sizes to choose from you can definitely find something suitable to your needs that too within a stipulated budget.

Whisperroom SE2000

Whisperroom SE2000

The SE2000 Series from Whisperroom offers a great variety of affordable, portable and efficient sound-proof rooms, which can be used anywhere in a commercial space or a residential one.

It can be efficiently utilized for various purposes such as recording, audiology, broadcasting, testing, voice over, practice, etc.

Meticulously designed each model exhibits an extremely manageable weight / size ratio to provide you great flexibility. Assembling or disassembling the entire unit is very easy and can be done without any professional or technical help from outside.

Whisperroom Assembly – A Complete Guide

All the models, either the Standard or the Enhanced one can be easily assembled by two people. Every single component is designed meticulously to provide you enough flexibility and manageability with respect to weight and size.

All ceiling and floor components are perfectly attached with wall components with the help of hinged brackets.

Pre-installed thread inserts along with stainless steel bolts greatly reduce your labour and easily attach itself to other wall components. The only tool that you need to set-up your booth is a screwdriver.

Visit their website (link below) and go through some of the demo videos. For more questions, you can also refer their FAQ section in the same website.


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