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Anyone who’s ever gotten any sort of wood flooring or floor lamination done will tell you that getting a wood underlayment is very important. After all, in case you don’t know, an underlayment is a layer between your floor lamination or the real wood or concrete floor.

Its main purpose is to make sure that there’s no gaps or unevenness on the floor so that you can walk easily without feeling any bumps or so.

There are plenty of wood underlayment companies out there, but you need to choose the best one. So, which one should you choose?

If you ask us, then we highly recommend Steico Wood Underlayment and we have also provided a Steico Underlayment Review which will definitely help you make a correct decision

Steico Underlayment Review

The Steico Wood Underlayment is, as the name suggests, an underlayment for your floor. It is very high quality, made from wood fiber and is used for both concrete and hardwood floors. The Steico wood underlayment can be used for carpet laminate or hardwood floor.

It is innovative, safe, natural and of high performance. It is one of the best underlayment options available in the market and is one of the most popular underlayment used in all of Europe. It can also be used on the walls to help make a room sound proof.

Best Soundproof Underlay For Laminate Flooring

Steico is certified sound-proof. It also means that there is a guarantee that the airborne sound is minimized to a great degree. Sounds like talking, or music playing, traffic outside and surrounding sounds such as footsteps, moving furniture, etc, that can come through the walls and even the floors are minimized to a great extent.

When they say that the wood underlayment is soundproof it is soundproof to a very great extent. You cannot listen to what is happening downstairs or on other corners or anywhere near the room that is covered in Steico Wood Underlayment.

Best Soundproof Underlay For Laminate Flooring

The Steico Wood underlayment makes sure that the sound is controlled to a great extent. No matter how aggressive the traffic outside might be, or how loud the music might be played by the neighbors next door, if your walls and floors are covered by Steico Wood Underlayment than you don’t need to worry about all of this.

Floating Floor Insulation With Steico

Floating Floor Insulation

The Steico underlayment has high compression. It can hold pressure without being overly foamy. Similarly, another great thing about it is that the underlayment doesn’t let your floor squeak around the edges and corner. This is because the underlayment of the Steico wood is sturdy yet flexible.

Furthermore, Steico underlayment also prevents the floor from being springing and floating. It is smooth to walk on because of the high compressed floors are of in such good quality.

It even manages to compensate on minor unevenness in the concrete parts of the floor. It is flexible, but not soft. The Underlayment “coats” the unevenness found in concrete on its bottom layer, remaining sturdy on the top.

Steico Installation System

Steico Underlayment Review

If you’re looking to install the Steico underlayment in your house then you should know a few things. Like all underlayment, you’ll find that you will need at least one layer of underlayment between your floor and laminate of choice. As we’ve already mentioned, underlayment help make your floor more even so that there’s no bumps or creaks in your floor.

The Steico wood underlayment is roughly 9 mm in thickness so if you’re looking to increase the height of your floor to create a platform or something similar then you’ll need more than two layers of the underlayment.

Similarly, you’ll need more than two layers of underlayment on your walls to make it more soundproof. In fact, the more layers you use, the more soundproof your room will be. However, this doesn’t mean that you use ten layers of underlayment because that’ll make your room look smaller than it is and stuffy!

Instead, talk to professional about installation of underlayment on your floors. They probably know what to do best according to your unique set of instructions.

It is also ideal for use in floors that have an underfloor heating system. The Steico wood underlayment is designed to accommodate such heating systems so that it’s all fine for you.

Is Steico Environmentally Friendly!

Another great thing about Steico is that the underlayment is environmentally friendly. It does not harm the environment and is completely ecofriendly. It is important to make sure that this product is environmentally friendly as you attach it everywhere, from your rooms to floors to ceilings, almost everywhere.

This is what makes the product very easy and convenient to use. It is free from all sorts of chemicals which may lead to problems. All you have to do is refer to the instructions while you are installing it. If you follow up all the instructions, then you won’t have to face any issues.

However, one other important thing to consider is that the Steico wood underlayment is of relatively high price. It is pricey and not cheap so it’s best to look at your budget before you consider how many layers of it you want. But we think it’s a good investment as these are very durable. But in the end, the choice is yours.

Is Getting an Underlayment A Good Idea?

Many people argue that ruining an underlayment ruins the artistic appeals of your house as sometimes it does not go with your interior. However, that is all a myth and does not happens to be true at all. The Steico wood underlayment makes sure that your house or office looks stylish.

The Steico wood underlayment is available in many different colors and textures based on your need and requirement. Its smooth texture and a set of neutral colors makes sure that your house looks as stylist as possible. It actually adds a very formal look into your house. It also makes your house look very neat and polished.

Where To Get It?

You can easily purchase a Steico underlayment from any hardware store in your area. The Steico wood underlayment comes with a five-year warranty so be sure to check for that while you’re making your purchase!

Apart from that, you can directly purchase the Steico underlayment from verified sellers on Amazon. This too comes with a money back option so that if there’s a defect or if you don’t like the look of it, you can return it as well!

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